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About Us

Welcome to Sincerely Alice!

Sincerely Alice is one of the leading UK sex stores, offering over 5000 items for men, women and couples with same day dispatch.

Our goal is to encourage sexual liberation across the country with experimentation and satisfaction, as well as educating our customers on proper use and consumer advice of all of our products. With so much to choose from you’re bound to have some questions, and we have the answers!

Based in the countryside of West Yorkshire, the team at Sincerely Alice want to keep pushing the boundaries of sexual freedom in the UK and create a brand synonymous with the values of





Our work doesn’t finish at the checkout. We want our customers to know that they are making a difference with their purchases. To this end, we pledge that a percentage of every sale will go to charities across the country who fight day in and day out for the plight of women in the UK. Charities such as Haven and Women’s Aid will receive a donation from us every month with your blessing.

Come join us on our journey. Help us help others, and help yourself!